Associate Professor

Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo. Guest researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. Established CANVAS, an NPO to promote creativity and expression for children, and established Digital Ehon.
Current positions include President of CANVAS, CEO of Digital Ehon, member of the Information and Communications Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and outside director at Film Art, Inc.
Children and media

Current research includes:
What skills will be needed in the future? I think they will be creativity and communication.
For much of my career, I've been involved in a joint government-industry-academia project to provide children with opportunities for creative learning.
There are a number of different approaches: designing workshops, creating spaces such as museums and apartments, authoring digital picture books that can be used on tablets and smart phones, producing commercials, and building communities.
Our primary focus is on these three projects: "Digital Kids," a project to develop, use, and spread new technology-based learning programs, "Digital Ehon (Picture Books)," a project to create digital teaching materials and picture books, and "Digital Textbooks," a project of the Association of Digital Textbook & Teaching that involves 100 companies with the goal of creating an environment in which all children are able to learn digitally by 2015.
We have identified 10 core perspectives: "learning how to learn," "learning with enjoyment," "contact with real things," "collaboration," "learning together and teaching each other," "creating," "presenting," "enjoying the process," "there are no answers," and "connecting with society." With these perspectives, we work with several hundred companies to create advanced learning environments.