Associate Professor

Kai Kunze works as Associate Professor at Keio Media Design. He held a position as research assistant professor at Osaka Prefecture University 2012-14. He was a visiting researcher at the MIT Media Lab, 2011. He earned his Ph.D., summa cum laude, in the Wearable Computing field from the University of Passau in Germany, 2011. His work experience includes research visits and internships at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC, Palo Alto, US), Sunlabs Europe (Grenoble, France), and the German Stock Exchange (Frankfurt, Germany).

With over twelve years of experience in wearable computing, ubiquitous computing, and human computer interaction research fields, Kai's major research contributions are in the areas of activity/context recognition, sensing, and pattern recognition. He won the best paper and demo awards and various nominations at UbiComp, PERCOM, and ICDAR. He is a member of the Superhuman Sports Committee. His current research interests encompass tracking of cognitive activities, cognition-aware computing, smart eyewear, and augmentation of the human mind. He works on developing technologies to make us smarter.